Get to know your car: the basics

Get To Know Your Car

Our car…we spend a significant portion of our time in cars but how well do you really know your car? And if you are like most women out there have you ever thought about getting to know your car? Maybe not. Well, the time to start learning is now! It’s not as scary or overwhelming as you may think. I promise.

Here are some ways to learn more about your car and get to know the basics.

Read the manual.

Starting to get to know your car with the manual is the best place. It is specific to your make and model and will cover every inch of your car, even the things that you might not be aware of at first glance. Also, every symbol that is in your car or lights up on your dash will also be explained in the manual so you can find out what you need to know quickly. Bonus tip: put label bookmarks on the pages of your manual that you review frequently to save your time searching.

Basic things to know about your car

  1. how to check tire pressure and add air if they are low
  2. How to check your oil
  3. what lights/sounds cannot be ignored
  4. how to check the air filter, hoses and belts, and wiper blades

Make notes on your calendar for your car maintenance milestones.

Whether you keep track in a physical planner or a digital method keeping track of when your car has had maintenance and when your next maintenance is going to happen. This way you never have one of those “I think I got my car worked on about 6 months ago, maybe?” moments.

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