Technology in Your Car

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Hi Savvies. 

Today’s topic is about the amazing sensing technology that is in your car and what is coming.  We have all heard about the Internet of Things, which really implies the bigger picture of how things are interconnecting everyday.  It takes little imagination to see this in our everyday lives.  Our phones know where we are, they are listening for us to bark out commands, and they are bringing content to us which everyone hopes improves our lives.  It also lets us delegate the mundane things we do to automation and an algorithm, often called artificial intelligence (AI)….although I believe the origin of that terminology was meant to cover the full on Rosie the Robot, if you are old enough to know who she is, R2D2 for our younger followers.

It used to be when a dashboard light came on in our cars many of us would ignore it, or put it off until the next service.  It also told us little, because it was only tied to rudimentary sensing technology, which most of the time was the culprit rather than a real problem.  

What do I mean by this?  

Well, early sensors onboard the vehicle were simply unreliable in the adverse operating environment of your vehicle.  They just could not take the daily demands of temperature swings, shock, and vibration, salt spray and humidity, among other things. Today, that is a whole different story.  Automobiles are truly getting aerospace quality sensors and technology put into them.  The costs have come down fast, and we are seeing them be used in nearly all functions of the car…engine, wheels, brakes, cooling systems, cabin environment, seat sensing, human protection in accidents, accident prevention, and on and on and on.  It will go to the point of where are cars will become “Rosie The Transporter” or the Tesla R2D2 model.

Our point is not to state the obvious, rather we want to create an awareness that the lights and messages that our cars give us today need to be respected more than ever.  They really mean something, and you can do expensive damage when we do not listen to their warnings.  Once and awhile we dutifully advise our customers when they are introducing safety risks by ignoring notifications or problems with their vehicles; however, by and large, manufacturers today are very, very careful with our safety.  It is more about minimizing damage to our primary means of transportation.  In future blogs, we will peel the layers back on what is in your car and what things mean when they happen.  

Today’s message is to encourage you to take action when our cars talk to us.  We invite you to use Car Savvy Society’s team to ground yourself in good decision making when these things happen.  We are here to help and educate you on automobiles, particularly as they become more complex.  And while complex, they do not have to be intimidating or scary.   They are wonderful things and are only going to get better.  Check back again for our next installment as we take you on a journey around your automobile.

Until then, drive carefully and listen to your car. ☺

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empower women | technology | car technology | car advice | car repair | vehicle technology
empower women | technology | car technology | car advice | car repair | vehicle technology