How to care for your car’s AC, yes even in the winter!

car care | winter care | car maintenance | ac | air conditioning | healthy family | air quality It’s cold outside… so why would you want to run your AC in the winter??

We will get to that in just a second but first I want to talk to you about your AC in a more general way.

Running your AC is good for keeping your system moving.

It’s got parts and fluid that are meant to move not just sit still for 6 months of the year. So giving your AC a good 10 minutes to move the fluid and parts around each week is a good way to keep everything operating all year long.

It keeps it from getting yucky

…want to know what I mean? Read on!

Another thing that you may not think about is that while that fluid is sitting there bacteria can start to form. Have you ever turned your AC on and smelled an odd odor? Yup, that’s the bacteria your now blowing around.

Gross… and not good for you or your kids when you do kick it on when the weather gets hot.

It doesn’t take long to run the system and you can keep the setting on the hot side.

These are some great reasons to run your car’s AC all year long.

But why worry about it in the winter time even though it is freezing outside?

For one, it helps reduce moisture from the air in your car. Think about your windows in the winter. They get foggy from all that extra moisture and the difference in temperature between outside and inside the car.

Running the AC helps remove that from the air.

And remember that bacteria we talked about a bit ago?

Bacteria LOVE moisture so running the AC helps keep everything dry and an inhospitable environment for bacteria to grow.

Use it or lose it

Using your car’s AC all year long will help you keep it running for longer. This next story I’m going to share with you isn’t about a car but it illustrates the point perfectly.

In college, I had this bike. I rode it off and on but then I didn’t end up needing it for a while and when I went back to it I started my ride only to have my tires be immediately flat…

Well, that was weird so I pumped them up only to find out both were no longer holding air. Because they sat in one position for a while the pressure of the bike on the inner tube of the tire started breaking the material down. And when I went for the first bike ride the pressure made it pop.

This is why keeping moving parts going is a good thing. You may think that by not using something it will last longer but sometimes that constant pressure in the same spot can cause more damage than using it and keeping it going.

Lesson learned now if I don’t ride my bike for a bit I rotate the bike tires weekly so they aren’t sitting in the same spot for an extended period of time.

Now it’s your turn!

Were you surprised to find out that you should be running your car’s AC in the winter? Let me know what you think in the comments!

car care | winter care | car maintenance | ac | air conditioning | healthy family | air quality
car care | winter care | car maintenance | ac | air conditioning | healthy family | air quality


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